Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My Baby Brother Got Married!

I've gotten a few e-mails asking me where I have been... here is a quick pictorial shot by my hubby to highlight the wonderful event last Thursday!

Here is my brother dressed as a penquin... I think it is fitting he chose to get married dressed as a flightless bird as the wedding was at Walt Disney World. He fit right in with the other cast members.

And he's actually not that tall, he's standing on my suitcase.

Here is the Wedding Pavilion at Disney.

I officiated. Here I am walking to the altar.

Here is my brother giving the vows he wrote. He is crying and he is making me cry. It's the whole sibling thing -- he cries, I cry. He laughs, I laugh! I'm sure you understand.

Here are the two princesses of the day! Both are so beautiful! (But only one has glass slippers...)

And speaking of Cinerella -- check out this dessert!!! A white chocolate mousse filled shoe! (Much better than glass, if you ask me.) And that castle pattern on the plate? Some sort of wicked awesome chocolate stamp!

Dessert AND CAKE! My kind of wedding!!!

And the day after... I am morphing into Minnie. No big surprise there...

Happy Holidays to all of you!