Thursday, November 13, 2008

Milk Made

Look at my new light sculpture!

What have I recycled now?

Did you get a clue from my post title?

That's right! It is made of the plastic from gallon milk containers!

It is 30 individual pieces that I hand cut from 10 milk jugs. The pattern was in ReadyMade magazine last fall. This one is pretty little... about eight inches across.

Watch out! I'm going to be milking this project for all that it is worth!


Pink Kitty said...

What a great idea! That is truly creative.

kim* said...

whoa this is a hit! great work fellow upcycler! i am impressed. beware of copy cats!

ceejay said...

i love it!

teamzvonik said...

This is freakin' AWESOME, Kelly!! I love it!!!!!

Nadine Noire said...

I really like the idea!