Monday, February 1, 2010

Outside My Comfort Zone

I had lunch with a former high school teacher of mine... I was in his choirs over 20 years ago.

I was a girl then. My world was out of focus and I was unsure of where I fit and what I was doing.

I talked with Mr. Fett for two hours that day. I showed him some of my recycling projects. And he talked to me about the fact that I was trying to do everything myself. There is a demand for my products, so much so, I am not keeping up with my Etsy shop and I am just selling orders.

Mr. Fett's point to me was that maybe I didn't need to do this all by myself. I could hire people that needed work. I could recycle more items that then wouldn't end up in landfills. My takeaway was that I could be more if I wanted to. It was my choice.

The conversation threw me. I had to look deep inside somewhere that was uncomfortable.

But I did.

I thought about Mr. Fett's points. They are good ones. I want to contribute to this world. I want to make it a better place for people other than myself. What I feel inside is larger than me.

Fear was holding me back.

But I thought about exactly what is holding me back. What is truly scaring me. I like to plan and make certain everything is in order and it is going to work out and really how that is just an excuse not to move forward. I am afraid to move forward without knowing where I am stepping.

In spite of this fear and nonsense, I managed to push on my glass walls.

I am moving forward with expanding my business to include others that can use work. I have already started to design several lines that are my creation but can be replicated by others. I am trying to go forth organically and let this happen as it occurs. If it is meant to happen the way my mind works, it will happen the way my mind works.

If you think it, it will be. (If you build it, they will come.)

And I now understand why all those artists I watch on PBS have small armies of other artists helping carry out visions.

Getting out of my comfort zone is good. I am finding more creativity and more ideas just by letting go of what I THINK I SHOULD be doing.

Tell me what you do when you hit the walls of your comfort zone. Help me continue to push mine out further and further.

Thank you readers. And thanks for letting me know you are still out there!


elisa said...

Hmmmm - this reminds me of a book I love to read when I start to question myself and worry about being an artist. Have you ever read "The War on Art". It talks about fears and getting out of your comfort zone. You might want to check it out. I think your choir teacher from long ago is right on. Maybe you should think of hiring people to help you with these projects. What would be wrong with that?

Lisa said...

I think i also should be reading the The War on Art! Thanks Boxing Day Messages